Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Adidas commercial – matte painting

I had worked on a commercial project last term with a film student Gevorg – a talented 21 years old director. XD He has an awesome sfx team and he showed me some of the fx in progress ~ I think it’s awesome so I joined their team and helped developing the background for the commercial.

Spent about 3~4 weeks on the modern city background and here is the end result. It’s really awesome and I feel honored to be part of this project. :) They are working on the sfx break down video and they will post it online later.

Adidas Commercial from Gevorg Karapetyan on Vimeo.

Spirited Away - redesign

We are taking an existing movie/game/animation and redesign everything. So I picked “Spirited Away.” Since this is a popular film so I am not gonna repeat the story again :P (lazy). Here are the 4 characters I redesign. I am still working on the props and scenes design. I will upload it when I am done. ^^



no face


Monday, February 01, 2010

Monster Mountain

monstermountain A scene painting for the Monster Mountain story I wrote 2 years ago…
This is the moment when the boy meets baby monsters. :P

This is not the final version yet… since I got some feedback from my instructor, I am gonna do little more improvement to make this piece more completed. :)

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