Saturday, February 19, 2011

New paintings

Here are my recent test paintings I did for Disney Publishing.
I have gained their permissions to include these in my portfolio :)

Although it’s in cute animation style but I still need to pay attention on all the reflections…. just remind me of our ex-department chair Scott Robertson’s vis com class @.@ man those details were very time consuming!!!!! (I am so glad that it doesn't need to be photo real...)



I did have fun doing them though ~ XD

Sunday, February 13, 2011

‎2011.02.13 on location B&W gouache painting at Eaton Canyon Park

I am taking a landscape painting class @ Concept Design Academy with Jackson Sze.
Coz I have been thinking about doing more painting practices w/ traditional media for a while and also painting on locations but I don't feel that comfortable doing it... (I'm shy XD) So by taking this class... it's a goof way to force myself doing it ~ ha.

Here are two B&W gouache paintings for our first on location painting class.

I spent longer time on the first one (1.5~2hrs) ~ I did it slow since it's my first traditional medium painting for the past.... 3+ yrs?

Didn't spend much time on the 2nd one (less than 1 hr) I think this one is just ok ~:P

I guess I will force myself to do more on location paintings just for fun and for building the mileage (and also to train myself not to be shy if I paint alone XD).
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