Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Old buffalo man - revised

revised and colored version.
I changed the shape of the head and also the proportion of the face features so that the design of the face is more interesting.

I am working on another clay sculpture of this buffalo man ~
will do another photo real clay paint over this week.

Environment (experimental)

This is an experimental (happy accident) project.
The technique was from our department chair Scott Robertson.
He asked us to use a custom brush (any kind with interesting shapes) and messed around. Then zoom in and use your imagination to find interesting shapes and composition.
I made it too complicated so this was the only one that I think it's workable.

then I was trying to learn Sparth style ~ but I think I still need to improve my environment painting skills .__.

I haven't taken any environment classes yet >< ~ (except the perspective drawing one that I posted before).... so I will take some classes in concept design academy this summer and hope that I can improve my environment rendering skill TOT

Puss in boots - cat character rendering (blue one)

I finished 3 of them before the show :D
That also means I finished this class final project 1 week early ~ wahaha

Blue poster

Monday, April 06, 2009

Puss in boots - cat character rendering

Mucha (Art Nouveau) style rendering for the cat character in "Puss in boots" story.
Those Art Nouveau backgrounds took me forever to do >< .....

This red one.... I made the circle in Illustrator.... err.. took me a long time to get it done...

Red poster

Yellow poster

There is another blue one that I am working on....
I need to prepare for my intern show on Thurs. so I am not sure will I be able to finish the blue one or not... wish me luck.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Fashion illustration - 80s illustration style

80s illustration style is about very wide shoulder but small hips which creates the triangle shapes.
Our instructor found a model whose body also looks triangle (big belly but thin legs) XD
too bad he didn't do many interesting poses ~ most of his poses were the same...
so I picked 2 better ones I did....

In class digital painting

This is yesterday's in class painting
my mac was out of space so my photoshop keeps crashing~ that's why I didn't get my painting done >< I only got the face done *sob*

and other parts are just quick block ins =___=

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Character rendering

This assignment is a character rendering in realistic style.
So we need to pay attention on materials indications and everything should look real.
This is a contemporary costume design for future era and she is a princess.
The costume is inspired by ancient Chinese costumes.

I just uploaded this revised one so I re-post this again.
I had soften some edges and added textures in the background.
Added some shadow and highlights to show forms more.

Final version

early development

I don't really like my first sketch, so I changed the pose and her hair style.
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